June 11, 2007


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Although the design of this website, like all my websites, is fairly minimal and intentionally simple in appearance, the amount of work that went in to creating it–by both me and others–was neither small nor easy. While I put in a fair amount of time tweaking things to get them how I wanted them, I built on a lot of existing work, and as such, I am thankful to those people whose hard work made things easier for me. I am obligated to give credit where credit is due, and for those who are interested in how things work, here are some credits and technical details.

The engine under pvc’s hood is WordPress, a free, open-source PHP blog hosting software. I am running version 2.1. I have found it to be a powerful and flexible tool and much appreciation is given to the developers for it. I especially appreciate the unbelievably handy theme-editing interface, which saved me innumerable hours of FTP upload and download time as I massaged my design.

The images shown on pvc are organized by Gallery2, a free, open-source PHP photo gallery software, which has greatly simplified the matter of hosting, sizing, posting and filing digital photos. It is integrated into WordPress with the assistance of the very cool WPG2 plugin. Thanks to the developers involved with the creation of these two tools.

The ratings are driven by another WordPress plugin, Star Rating for Reviews written by Yaosan Yeo, which I customized a little; for example, they’re no longer stars, they’re records. Because I thought that would be cool. But cooler still is that somebody took the time and effort to develop it and released it to the public so that I could have an excuse to make little record icons. Thanks for that.

The audio player plugin I use for putting sound clips on the page is quite logically named Audio Player WordPress Plugin, and is a handy little customizable flash audio player that was developed by Martin Laine. Another useful tool from another generous developer whose work is appreciated. I record all audio clips directly from my turntable to my laptop, and don’t perform any post-processing on them other than editing down to the desired length and encoding them as MP3 at 160kbps.

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