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The Talking Machine is a podcast venture I am experimenting with. Every week on The Talking Machine, I talk about my life and share a record from my collection of vintage 78 RPM records.

The idea for The Talking Machine came about because I had three interests which I saw overlapping: my interest in the podcast medium, my love of records and vintage music, and my desire to try exploring my own public voice.

I’ve had a love for records most of my life. Because of this I have inherited a large collection of old 78s that no one wanted anymore but I couldn’t stand the thought of them being thrown out. At the same time, I have a strong belief that records are meant to be listened to, not just used as decorative objects or antiques. I wanted a way to not only explore what I had inherited, but share this music with others.

At the same time, I was coming to terms with my own social anxiety and difficulty with expressing myself and telling my own story. I have always had a robust internal monologue and had no shortage of thoughts, feelings, stories and interests to share, but never developed an effective ability to express myself publicly. I was looking for a way to try to develop my public voice by venturing to be more expressive and less introverted.

I had also over the past few years developed an interest in podcasts and the the podcast medium. As a listener I have embraced podcasting and have appreciated the freedom of expression it facilitates, but I also have a belief that people should strive to be creators and not just consumers.

The combination of these factors has now resulted in the experiment which I have called The Talking Machine.




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