Day 118 – Vinyl

Way back in the first month of this project I wore and consequently wrote about a shirt with a 45 adapter logo on it that my wife got for us back when we were first together. We actually got two shirts that day, and this is the other one of them. It is also record-themed; it says “VINYL” in letters surrounded by black circles below a line drawing of a minimalist representation of a turntable. Like the other one, it is one we have both shared, and it reminds me of the time when we were first dating and in love with records and each other. I think the first Christmas we were together I got her all records as presents. Which is to say I selfishly got presents for myself, because I knew that by giving them to her, they would get incorporated in to our mutual collection, which I knew would not be separated because we were going to stay together forever. A week later I proposed to her.

Day 118 - Vinyl

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One thought on “Day 118 – Vinyl

  1. I hope when you get older and recount the story of your first Christmas with Anna to your kids and grandkids, you tell it JUST LIKE THAT! :)

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