Appendix 2.1 – Iowa Hawkeyes Long-Sleeve


I bet you thought this blog was dead, didn’t you? Well, it was just mostly dead, not all dead. Turns out, I continue to acquire shirts. This is usually not something I do intentionally; I know it seems odd but I do seem to accidentally acquire shirts. Or at least acquire them without any concerted effort to do so. Occasionally I have seen a shirt that I will think I would like to have, but the existence of this blog reminds me that I have no need for a new T-shirt, at least until I follow up on my stated goal to reduce my shirt collection.

Speaking of which, some of you might be wondering about the status of my race T-shirt quilt (by which I mean some of you might have vague recollections that I was making a race T-shirt quilt). The current status is I have three kids and a full-time job, by which I mean that it is about 75% complete and has been stalled there for the last year or so. It is all pieced together, it just needs to be quilted and bordered and it will be done. Which at the rate that I am finishing projects will be finished, I estimate, in third quarter of 2028.

Anyway, now I will add to the list, in no particular order and with no particular schedule, the few shirts I have come in to the possession of since I last posted here over a year ago.


This shirt is a gift I received from my in-laws for Christmas last year. As I have mentioned before, I am not a very good gift-receiver—or perhaps I should say gift-requester—because I don’t have much of a desire to ask for gifts. It seems a little selfish to me to expect gifts, even for birthdays or Christmas, because in my mind expecting gifts is tantamount to demanding gifts. Or perhaps it is another example of the old adage which I have taken to heart that is “if you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed.” But my while my family has historically been modest, often by necessity, with exchanging gifts for birthdays and holidays, my wife’s family has a long tradition of gift-giving and receiving. So while I genuinely would not feel disappointed with a Christmas focused around being together and eating food, which, to me, are the best parts of any celebration, they don’t feel it adequate without presents. But my reluctance to make any desires explicit leads to them making guesses based on what they know about the things I like, which tend to fall in to categories such as:

  • Batman
  • Running
  • Jesus
  • The Minnesota Vikings
  • The Iowa Hawkeyes

I am sure that looking back through the archive of shirts presented here, you will see these themes well represented. And now we can add another to the list; a long-sleeve Iowa Hawkeyes shirt. The front simply says “IOWA” vertically arched over the tiger-hawk logo. The texturing of the yellow fill color is a little unusual; I think they were going for the faux-vintage worn look, but to achieve it, they used what looks to me like the texture of brick or concrete where they pull something over the surface to give it a smooth edge but some of the aggregate material in there catches and makes lines through it. I don’t know if there is a name for that texture but there probably is an industry term so if you know it, let me know.

On the left sleeve of the shirt is the word “HAWKEYES” running horizontally up the arm.

More shirts to come!

Appendix 2.1 - Iowa Hawkeyes Black Long-Sleeve

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