Appendix 1.23 – I’m So Happy…

And now we have reached the final shirt of all the shirts. This last shirt of the group of vintage T-shirts that I inherited from my wife’s uncle is one that I had been waiting for the appropriate moment to wear—that is, when I wouldn’t be around any polite company, especially my children. As it turned out, no such opportunity ever arose, since I am one of those parents who actually chooses to spend time with his children. So I ended up wearing it underneath a Hawaiian shirt because as much admiration as I have for this shirt, I can’t just be wearing it out to dinner or anything.

So usually I describe the picture first and then get to the words, but this time I think I really have to start with the words, and to do so I have to do my best to properly include the line breaks because they elevate the words from a mere T-shirt slogan to poetry. Here is my best rendition:


I think that speaks for itself, honestly. And who is it, other than the wearer of this shirt, that is expressing this poetic sentiment? Well, we have a picture to illustrate that.

The picture features what I assume is some kind of anthropomorphic frog (because of course it’s a frog) sitting at a desk with its giant head in its hand. Next to the desk is a full wastebasket (symbolism) and upon the desk is a green inkwell with a pen sticking out of it (because of course anthropomorphic frogs use ink dip pens). The man-frog’s expression clearly shows its irritated boredom with its day job as a calligrapher or medieval scribe, causing the manimal to sarcastically liken his lack of enthusiasm with a defecation-inducing glee.

And if a sarcastic, expletive-spewing frog-thing is not a good way to end this run of shirts, then I don’t know what is.

Thanks for reading. Future posts will involve the progress of upcycling projects, which will likely be less frequent, but that’s how it goes.


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