Appendix 1.22 – Shotgun Eddy

Today we have a grey ringer from Shotgun Eddy, featuring a picture of what one must assume is a lumberjack with huge biceps and apparently atrophied forearms carrying an axe and riding a log. I will assume that the rest of his legs are under water in this rendering, and not that he is also an amputee. He does have the one most important feature of any lumberjack, however—that of course being a majestic moustache.

Surrounding the picture which was evidently drawn by a thirteen-year-old are the words “Shotgun Eddy”, “WOLF RIVER TRIPS”, and “WHITELAKE, WISC.” From this I gather that Shotgun Eddy is a person or organization that will facilitate you floating down the Wolf River in the north woods of Wisconsin, near White Lake (not Whitelake, my thorough research—googling it—concludes). Whether that is something done on a log is unclear, as is how it involves shotguns. I would hope it involves canoes or rafts of some sort and is done voluntarily and not at gunpoint. But I’ve never been there so I wouldn’t know.

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