Appendix 1.18 – Have a Nice Day

Hey everybody, sorry it’s been a while since I posted any shirts. Been busy.

So we’re back with a blue ringer. Today’s entry has a sparkly iron-on design with a half-sunburst saying “HAVE A NICE DAY Before Some BASTARD Louses It Up!” I like this one. It’s straightforward and to the point. The joke is relatable but not too pandering. Mostly, the design is interesting. It’s effectively just text, but they made it interesting by playing with the layout and the typography instead of just plopping it on a scroll for some reason.


One thought on “Appendix 1.18 – Have a Nice Day

  1. Nice to see another post. Thought we lost ya there for a bit. Been enjoying this uncle’s shirts.

    How is the quilt coming along?

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