Day 169 – ETC Addition 2008

The day I started the job where I still work today, I went over to visit a construction site of a building that was at that time just a shell; mostly a foundation with the metal skeleton of a structure on it. That was the beginning of the building I now sit in every weekday. I helped move the company, or at least the IT parts of it, from a series of disconnected buildings spread around the area into one, big, central office and factory that housed everybody. It was pretty cool, actually. Still is.

Then a few years down the line, as it is with pretty much any move I have experience with, you’ve settled in and realized even though it is bigger and better than what you had before, you still don’t have as much space for all your stuff as you’d like. If it was your house, you’d clean out your closets and take stuff to goodwill or have a garage sale or maybe in an extreme situation rent a storage unit. When you’re a moderately-sized manufacturing business, you can’t just sell your manufacturing equipment in the parking lot to free up space. But that’s a good thing, because it means your business is expanding and things are going well. So you add on to what you have. In 2008, that’s exactly what we did.

My role in this was actually fairly minimal. I coordinated a small portion of the IT needs for the new addition (mostly overhead paging). But, as I have said before, my employers like giving employees clothes with the company logo on them, so I got a T-shirt nonetheless. It is a dark gray short-sleeve shirt. The front has an LBT with the company logo with a steel girder in front of it, and it says “BUILDING ADDITION Expanding our future 2008”. The back has a moth-by-month timeline of the project with some months crossed out and labeled “SNOW” to reflect the many delays caused by heavy snows that year. I remember at one point to get the roof finished and sealed, they actually had people up on top of it with snowblowers clearing off the unfinished roof. I think there was some discussion of bringing in a helicopter to act as a giant snowblowing fan.

It is now 2012 and once again I am specifying overhead paging for yet another new addition. No word on T-shirt designs at this stage.

Day 169 - ETC Addition

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