Appendix 2.1 – Iowa Hawkeyes Long-Sleeve


I bet you thought this blog was dead, didn’t you? Well, it was just mostly dead, not all dead. Turns out, I continue to acquire shirts. This is usually not something I do intentionally; I know it seems odd but I do seem to accidentally acquire shirts. Or at least acquire them without any concerted effort to do so. Occasionally I have seen a shirt that I will think I would like to have, but the existence of this blog reminds me that I have no need for a new T-shirt, at least until I follow up on my stated goal to reduce my shirt collection.

Speaking of which, some of you might be wondering about the status of my race T-shirt quilt (by which I mean some of you might have vague recollections that I was making a race T-shirt quilt). The current status is I have three kids and a full-time job, by which I mean that it is about 75% complete and has been stalled there for the last year or so. It is all pieced together, it just needs to be quilted and bordered and it will be done. Which at the rate that I am finishing projects will be finished, I estimate, in third quarter of 2028.

Anyway, now I will add to the list, in no particular order and with no particular schedule, the few shirts I have come in to the possession of since I last posted here over a year ago.


This shirt is a gift I received from my in-laws for Christmas last year. As I have mentioned before, I am not a very good gift-receiver—or perhaps I should say gift-requester—because I don’t have much of a desire to ask for gifts. It seems a little selfish to me to expect gifts, even for birthdays or Christmas, because in my mind expecting gifts is tantamount to demanding gifts. Or perhaps it is another example of the old adage which I have taken to heart that is “if you don’t expect anything, you won’t be disappointed.” But my while my family has historically been modest, often by necessity, with exchanging gifts for birthdays and holidays, my wife’s family has a long tradition of gift-giving and receiving. So while I genuinely would not feel disappointed with a Christmas focused around being together and eating food, which, to me, are the best parts of any celebration, they don’t feel it adequate without presents. But my reluctance to make any desires explicit leads to them making guesses based on what they know about the things I like, which tend to fall in to categories such as:

  • Batman
  • Running
  • Jesus
  • The Minnesota Vikings
  • The Iowa Hawkeyes

I am sure that looking back through the archive of shirts presented here, you will see these themes well represented. And now we can add another to the list; a long-sleeve Iowa Hawkeyes shirt. The front simply says “IOWA” vertically arched over the tiger-hawk logo. The texturing of the yellow fill color is a little unusual; I think they were going for the faux-vintage worn look, but to achieve it, they used what looks to me like the texture of brick or concrete where they pull something over the surface to give it a smooth edge but some of the aggregate material in there catches and makes lines through it. I don’t know if there is a name for that texture but there probably is an industry term so if you know it, let me know.

On the left sleeve of the shirt is the word “HAWKEYES” running horizontally up the arm.

More shirts to come!

Appendix 2.1 - Iowa Hawkeyes Black Long-Sleeve

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Day 166 – Anime

I am not a huge anime fan. I like some of it. I know people who are way into it; I think, like in any other idiom, there are high-quality and low-quality examples. I have little kids, so I’ve gotten them into the Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli stuff that is appropriate for their age, which is generally high quality. Some of it I don’t care for much, but I understand why people like it for the aesthetic. In the same way, I read a lot of graphic novels but not so many manga, at least to at this point. Some of them have gotten my interest, but on individual merits, not so much as a genre.

This is my long way of introducing the idea that I really don’t remember why I have this shirt. It’s an ok shirt. If you’re into that look, it’s great. I have no idea who this character is or where she (assuming it’s a she) comes from. If someone out there knows, feel free to fill me in.

The shirt itself is small but not stretchy, and even on my relatively thin frame is skin-tight. I suspect it was made for a narrower-framed female to wear. Particularly notice the difference in length between the torso and the sleeves of the shirt; as you see me wearing it is as far down as it goes. It is clearly intended for either a higher-waist application as much female fashion is compared to men’s, or perhaps to be midriff-baring. The arms are quite narrow, and as I am not especially muscular in the upper body, I only just fit in them given my broad shoulders. And the cut of the neckline is wider than most men’s shirts. It kind of has a bodysuit feel to it, and gives me the impression of a full-body tattoo.

The design is just a medium shot of this green-haired character. She has some kind of headphones or perhaps bionic fairy ears. The same image is repeated on the front, back, and both sleeves.

Day 166 - Anime

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Day 158 – Fall League 2004

A few days ago we had the fall league 2003 shirt. This is the fall league 2004 shirt. My team color that year was yellow, so that’s one difference. Beyond that, the back design, and the substitution of the number 3 for the number 4 on the front, they are identical. This was Hawk’s second year of sponsorship, so we still have their logo, as well as their name on the sleeve. On the back in bold letters it also says “HAWK’S BAR & GRILL STATE STREET” across the top, then there is a sort of weird, distorted-spirograph-esque symbol that is probably supposed to evoke a Frisbee, and at the bottom it says “MADISON ULTIMATE FALL LEAGUE 2004”.

I didn’t comment at all on the actual experience of playing in 2003, and I don’t think I’ll probably say much about the 2004 season either, mostly because I don’t remember much about them. Those were my second and third years playing fall league. I think one of those years was the one where I first called 911, because a guy on our team dove for a disc and broke his collarbone. He was fine, but the ambulance came and took him to the hospital.

Day 158 - Fall League 2004

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Day 155 – Fall League 2003 (purple)

Here we have a fall league shirt from 2003. This one is not my team’s shirt. I honestly don’t remember how I ended up with this one. My team that year wore black shirts (example pending), whereas this one is purple. At some point I ended up with two fall league 2003 shirts and I really don’t know how.

This shirt was from one of the few years when fall league dabbled with sponsorship by Hawk’s on State Street. I don’t know the ins and outs of what the negotiations were there. I thought Hawk’s was fine, the food was decent, I don’t drink beer but they had plenty of free water; perhaps the only thing that was an issue in my estimation was that it was a bit small to accommodate the whole mass of Frisbee players after games.

Anyway, this shirt pre-dated themes in fall league, so we have a pretty basic design with the front LBT displaying the Hawk’s logo and saying “MADISON ULTIMATE FALL LEAGUE 2003”. The back said the same in the middle of a distorted grid, with a box-man laying out after an em-dash Frisbee below it. above was the stylize H from the Hawk’s logo, and below, it says “425 State Street • Madison, Wisconsin”, which, of course, is the address of Hawk’s.

The sleeves each have writing down them, the right saying “Hawk’s” and the left saying “”. I didn’t remember a fall league shirt having this much sponsor branding on it. Usually there’s just the Great Dane logo somewhere out of the way.

Day 155 - Fall League 2003 (purple)

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Day 152 – Fall League 2008

We’ve had plenty of fall league shirts on here but it’s been a while since we had one that was themed, so I’ll recap for those who are just joining us: fall league for the past several years has typically had a theme upon which team names are based (fall league being one in which you are assigned to a team as opposed to forming one in advance). Typically, then, the shirts are designed to reflect the theme. In 2008, the theme was cartoons, and my team was Casper the Friendly Ghost. I don’t know if the fact that we got that name also influenced that we received white as a color. This fall league shirt was a little atypical in that it was made from a lighter-weight cotton fabric than most of them, making it seem a little thin for a long-sleever intended to be worn in fall. Also, I think the sizing ran a little smaller.

The design was made to echo the TV/cartoon theme. I like what they did with the front, where there is always the LBT and always includes the Great Dane logo (for the leagues which were sponsored by the Great Dane, which is most of them). usually the Great Dane logo is just added at the bottom as an afterthought, but here they incorporated it into the design, by making a cathode-ray-tube-shaped (AKA TV-shaped back when TVs were shaped like that) box the central element on the front and then placing the Great Dane logo right in the middle of it, and then surrounded it with sparks and the words “MUFA FALL LEAGUE 2008”.

The back shows two cartoon kids in silhouetted around a TV with rabbit ears, and more sparks flying and the words “MUFATOONS FALL 2008”. All in all, I think the design on this one is just fine, I just haven’t worn it that much because I have a bunch of good long-sleeve fall league shirts, and this one’s main failings are the fabric and cut.

Day 152 - Fall League 2008

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Day 124 – Alabama Slammers

One of the things that distinguished my group of friends in high school (that I mentioned a few shirts back) was the fact that we didn’t drink or smoke or get high or any of those kinds of things. Now, we didn’t really see that as a raison d’être of our little clique, but it was just a consequence of the kind of people I hung out with. We weren’t consciously and vocally straightedge; we just weren’t cool enough to be invited to the covert keg parties everyone else was having. In a small town, there’s not much to do for kids looking to have a good time, so most kids end up drinking or getting high. We were just nerds, so we ended up playing Trivial Pursuit.

Then we all went to college. Or at least most of us did. And there, among other nerds, without the context of long personal histories that high-schoolers in a small town are dragging behind them, most of my friends discovered alcohol. For better or for worse. Nobody that I know of really had any major problems with it, but of course, it’s college, so there are stories.

As it turned out, I should be thankful for some of the connections that college drinking creates, because one of them ultimately led me to my wife. A good friend of mine from high school went out-of-state for college, and it was while visiting her that I met the woman I would later marry and have kids and be best friends with. Of course, that friend, at the time, was not legally able to purchase alcohol, but since I had moved to the same town as her to be with my wife, I was around for that milestone birthday when she actually did become legally able. For the occasion, shirts were made for everyone invited out with her that evening, including me and my wife.

This is the shirt I was given. It is a thin, cheap raglan baseball T, in my case with navy blue three-quarter sleeves, although they were not uniform in color although they were made to look like baseball uniforms. The front says “Alabama Slammers”, which works as a nice double meaning, as it could pass as a baseball (or at least beer-league softball) team name, and of course is also the name of a mixed drink. Ironically, I don’t believe any actual Alabama slammers were consumed that evening. The rear has the number 21—obviously to represent the birthday in question, all participants having the same number—and in my case, my nickname, “NORM”, to personalize it for me.

My memories of that evening are faint, not because I got blackout drunk—I was the exception that never took up drinking—but because I don’t think we stayed out that late with everyone else.

Day 124 - Alabama Slammers

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Day 72 – Fall League 2007

Today’s shirt is from MUFA fall league 2007. For those just joining us, there have been plenty of MUFA fall league shirts previously in this project, (and there are still more to come) so for more detail on fall league shirts generally, go back and read some previous posts.

2007’s theme was villains. My team was Professor Moriarty, and we were a below-average team, but as usual we had fun. Also as usual, the shirt is a long-sleever. Our team color that year was a burnt orange, and the shirt design has a LBT on the front in the shape of Darth Vader’s helmet, with “MUFA” in his mouth vent. The rear of the shirt has a large image of an exploding ball. In discussions I have had on the topic, there have been opinions expressed that this is intended to represent the Death Star exploding, which was my initial impression, but after further review, I have decided that it is actually the planet of Alderaan being destroyed by the Death Star’s superlaser. This makes more sense to me given the theme of villains, because the Death Star’s destruction was a victory for the rebel alliance against the villainous Galactic Empire, whereas the destruction of Alderaan was a much more villainous act in that it destroyed the home world of Princess Leia and millions of others who cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

Please excuse me while I push my glasses up. They have slipped down my nose a bit.

Where was I? Oh yes, the T-shirt. Below the ‘splody thing it says “MADISON ULTIMATE FALL LEAGUE 2007” and below that is the Great Dane logo.

Day 72 - Fall League 2007

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Day 54 – Fall league 2002

Today’s shirt is my first-ever fall league ultimate shirt. And—someone correct me on this if I am mistaken—I believe I recall that it is the first MUFA fall league shirt I could have had, as prior to this fall league didn’t have shirts. The fact that it was my first season is coincidental. It is from the MUFA fall league of 2002. For those just joining us, there have been many previous discussions of fall league shirts as I have many of them.

This one is gray and on the front in the LBT position it says simply “Madison Ultimate Fall League 2002”, then has the Great Dane logo, then “”. On the back, it says “Madison Ultimate Fall League 2002” again, and has an image of a leaf on a Frisbee. Because, you know, it’s fall. Not that I’m criticizing it, because I actually like the simplicity of the design on this one. It doesn’t try too hard, like some of the others do. This was a few years before the introduction of the concept of themes to the league, so the only theme is just the fact that it’s fall, and not summer. And we’re playing ultimate. With Frisbees. Because that’s how you play ultimate. OK, I’m done now.

Oh, regarding my recollections of that season—it was my first fall season, so I was really bad, but I think our team did OK anyway. And I had fun. That is all.

Day 54 - Fall League 2002

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Day 53 – American Women Road Riders’ Alliance

Today’s shirt is a red long-sleever which features the logo of the American Women Road Riders’ Alliance. The logo is a circle with the name of the organization inscribed around it, and within the circle is a silhouette of a woman on a motorcycle above a stylized W-A monogram. I got this shirt from my wife. She acquired it from a clothes swap, where she and several of her friends brought old clothes they no longer wore to exchange with each other. Apparently no one else there wanted it, and even though it didn’t fit her properly, she figured correctly that her husband would fit it perfectly and also love it. My wife is a good judge of my taste, and knew that as neither a woman nor a motorcyclist, I would instantly have an affinity for it. And I did. It’s nice to have a partner that appreciates my sense of humor.

Day 53 - AWRRA

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