Today is Tuesday, March 23, 2010, and it is a good day for a run.

A great day for a run, actually; after this weekend’s cold snap, temps were back up in to the fifties and the sun was out. I did my Tuesday two-mile easy run, and enjoyed it the whole way. No interesting stories to tell, although afterward, when I was stretching in the gym, my friend/co-worker Nick was picking my brain about my run today and my running in general, because he and another co-worker had just made plans to start running outside together since it is nice out. I’ve been having more and more conversations with co-workers about running lately; probably because it is on people’s minds now that it is getting nice enough to make people want to get outside and do stuff after being inside all winter. Also, I am still actively pursuing getting people signed up for my work Crazylegs team, so I’ve been putting the bug in people’s collective ear, so to speak. Anyway, I told him I would share some courses I have laid out around work.

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