Today is Monday, April 05, 2010, and it is a good day for a run.

As I write this, I am sitting in the Airport waiting to board my flight to Minneapolis, which will then connect to my flight to London. While this trip will present plenty of challenges, this is a running blog, so one of the big challenges I will be facing is how marathon training will hold up to the next ten days, five flights, two countries, and all the work stress and travel stress that is inevitably going to play havoc with my usually schedule-driven and routine-based existence.

Today before I left for the airport I got in a quick four miles. Monday is not usually a running day, but a couple of factors come in to play here. Because I am flying out today, I didn’t go to work, which meant no gym, so no strength training. But more of a factor than that was that it just seemed to be the best way to shift the schedule to accommodate the trip. Last week was a cutback week, and so my weekend run was going to be only seven miles, and since it wasn’t so long that it needed an extra day of rest, I decided to move it to Saturday instead of Sunday. This worked out well, since Sunday was Easter, and Anna, the kids, and I were all in Rockford celebrating with my family. This meant that Sunday was a rest day (funny how that works) and today made sense to get in the short easy four that was scheduled for tomorrow. Of course tomorrow is going to be coming a lot sooner for me than it normally would, since I am going to be flying in to the future, so to speak. So tomorrow will be jet-lag day, and it made sense to get my run in now rather than try to do it tomorrow, probably in a hotel gym, while exhausted from eight or nine hours in a cramped coach seat. This also served to allow tomorrow to be a rest day, so I could do my speed work Wednesday, hopefully after a decent night’s sleep, and then get in two more off days before I attempt a long run, as usual, since I planned to do this week’s sixteen-miler on Saturday again, since I fly to Amsterdam on Sunday. I will probably end up cutting cross-training entirely, since time will be a factor, as well as energy, and just the ability to do my usual strength-training routine in a hotel gym is suspect.

So about today’s run—not much to tell, did a two-out-two-back little jaunt around the neighborhood. Weather was nice, on the warm side—probably mid-sixties—and not nearly as much wind as there had been. My left knee had been bothering me a little bit earlier in the day; nothing major, just a little tweaky—but it felt fine on the run. It’s in the books, and I feel fine. I still have some adjusting to do with the warm weather; we’ll see how European weather treats me.

On Saturday, I did my last seven-miler of the three I had on the schedule for my cutback week last week. Since I was at my sister’s house, I ran a course I had never run before, although I had biked it many years ago, so I kind of knew what to expect. It was on a bike path along the Rock River, so it was a pretty nice run, if a little windy. The last mile was mostly uphill, also, so that was challenging, although not overly so. I have been running all of them easy, so nothing overwhelming; my times on each got a bit faster, probably as I get used to the weather and recover from that twenty miler so long ago.

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