Today is Thursday, April 01, 2010, and it is a good day for a run.

April fool’s, and the trick that I got played on me today was Mother Nature springing (you see what I did there) a twenty-degree jump up the thermometer. When I checked the weather widget before lunch today, it told me 80 degrees, and it was still going up then.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that almost everybody was in love with the weather today. I, however, had seven miles to run on legs (and lungs) that were definitely used to temperatures below sixty. There was a wind again today, but instead of being an obstacle, like on Tuesday, it was actually welcome when I felt it; it was a nice cooling factor, and not nearly as strong as last time.

I did the same course again today, just in the opposite direction. There were a ton of people out on the trails today, especially for 1:00 on a weekday. Obviously the weather had to do with that. I felt like a damp rag for most of the run; my legs were just having that not-so-fresh feeling. I was surprised, however, to find that I finished a little faster than Tuesday; I really thought the heat (and maybe having run 34 miles in the last five days) was going to lead to a much slower time. I attribute the difference to the lighter winds.

I shudder to think what August is going to be like if this is the beginning of April. Guess it’s about time to change the header picture, huh?

Speaking of looking to the future, this is the start of what may be a crucial couple of weeks in my marathon training. This weekend, we’ll be at my sister’s, which I’m not too concerned about, since I only have to get in seven miles, but in an unfamiliar location. But then the locations become much less familiar. I fly out for London on Monday, and will hopefully have three training runs while I am there, including a sixteen-miler that if it goes well, could be amazing, and if it goes poorly (or not at all) could be disastrous. Then I fly to Holland for two days the following week, including one run that should be easy, and home on that Wednesday. Once I’m home, I’ve got one night to get over jet lag to do a speed run and then my second twenty that weekend. Sigh. If I can make it through this gauntlet with my training intact, the marathon will be a piece of cake. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I am willing to lose cross-training workouts as long as I get the runs in, but usually on these trips I’m working almost all day. So making time for running will have to be a concerted effort. Fortunately my colleagues on this trip I anticipate being sympathetic to the cause.

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