Today is Tuesday, March 30, 2010 and it is a good day for a run.

One last run before March wraps up to cap off my record mileage month and put me over the century mark—including today’s seven miles, I am at 104 for the month. And I only have progressively longer runs on the schedule to look forward to in April, so it could become the new record holder right away. From an official mileage-logging perspective, my weeks start on Monday, but if you consider it from a 7 consecutive days perspective, I’ve done 33 miles in the past seven days, which is probably my longest 7-day stretch with the exception of marathon week last year, which only beats it out because of that .2 on the end.

I was thinking for a while that I was going to get a nice easy two-miler today like I do most Tuesdays, but the good news/bad news is that this week is a cutback week, meaning that I don’t have a crazy long run to look forward to on Sunday (actually likely Monday or Saturday since Sunday is Easter) but in trade I get three seven-milers this week. Easy paced ones, though. And that’s OK. I still went out there today with a smile on my face. I feel pretty good despite how I felt finishing twenty miles just two days ago; definitely better than I did last year after my first twenty.

Part of the reason I was looking forward to today’s seven was that I mapped out a new route for it. It covers ground that I have done before, but a couple miles or m ore of it I have only done once or twice. In fact, it included a stretch of trail that the last and only time I ran it was on my now infamous (to me) jinxed nine-miler—the first and last time I have run nine miles, and the reason I developed a superstition about it. Among the many things that went wrong that day was I ran this stretch of trail, which, at that time did not have bridges over its three creek crossings (nor was I aware until I arrived at them it did not have bridges), forcing me to run through the creek and do the next six miles or so in wet shoes. I had no reason to expect that they would be bridgeless, as it is the same trail I ran on all the time, and in the area I had run, the two creek crossings had bridges. Well, today, I did some research and found that last year when they paved the trail part of the project was to put up three new bridges. I hadn’t gotten visual confirmation, but I figured I had no reason to doubt it, since the paving part had obviously been completed. And in a worst case scenario, I was on an easy run anyway, so I could just stop and walk across the stepping stones (something I was not willing to do last time).

Well, I got there, and sure enough, I got to run over three lovely wooden bridges, as well as admire the natural beauty of the woods that the creek runs through. So that was pleasant. The other new stretch wasn’t as exciting, being just a fairly straight bit of path that runs between some ball fields and the airport grounds, although I did get to see a private jet taking off.

The funny thing about today’s run was that I was so busy planning the route, I didn’t even consider the weather. I only packed a short-sleeve tech shirt and a pair of shorts, never even considering I would want anything else, and at the last minute it occurred to me I’d better check the weather report so I knew what I was getting in to. Having not been outside since the morning commute (which was a bit chilly, but not bad) and only looked outside a few times (sunny, but kind of cool-looking, if you know what I mean) I took a quick glance at the weather widget before heading out, and when I saw it said 56 degrees, I thought “no problem!” The thing I failed to notice until I was out there, however was that it also said “winds gusting to 29 MPH”.

Fortunately, I was back in the woods for most of the time, where it wasn’t a factor. But the last mile or so was in open fields with no wind breaks anywhere, and headed directly in to the teeth of the wind. It was a south wind, so it wasn’t cold; the temperature was just fine. But I was leaning in to it pretty hard to try to make headway against it. When I finished, I felt good, though. Strong.

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