Today is Thursday, March 25, 2010 and it is a good day for a run.

It would have been a better day for a run, however, if it wasn’t for the WIND! Coming off a long winter, it’s always a little silly to whine about the weather when it’s sunny and above freezing. But today, starting out, it was a bit cold. 41 degrees is what the internet told me, and that before a stiff wind coming from the north.

Six miles tempo today. I have gotten to the point where I am no longer that intimidated by my Thursday speedwork, and it’s just something I do—not that I hate it, or love it. As with all runs, I usually feel good when it’s done. One mile warm up, four hard, one cool down. The parts into the wind were rough, the parts with the wind, rather pleasant. Although it’s not completely honest to say the hard running parts are excessively pleasant, but once I was warmed up, I was feeling decent. I was convinced early on that I wasn’t going to turn in a very good time, between fighting the wind, and just not being very fast right now, but when I finished, I was pleasantly surprised—frankly, shocked—at my time. I was a good half minute per mile average faster than I was expecting. Which is good, since I need a few of those confidence boosting times about now; I haven’t been posting the best times lately. That will likely change once I start spring league ultimate, which I just signed up for recently, since ultimate is effectively speedwork.

So I was pretty happy with the run, and I only had to dodge two cars (he said sarcastically). Truthfully, I only really dodged one; the other just was too close for comfort. The first one was an older lady driving up to the exit of the Costco parking lot, where the bike path crossed it. That’s not a sidewalk, mind you, and actual two-lane bike path. I approached it and saw the car nearing the exit, and I thought, well, of course she’s going to stop. There’s a stop line clearly marked there, before the path, and I obviously have the right of way here, so I just continued on. This was naïve of me, of course; she rolled right on past the stop line and into the path, as I dodged to avoid her front end. I don’t think even then she was stopping for me, I think she was just stopping to wait for traffic so she could turn out on to the street. There were no obstacles that would have prevented her from seeing me, she just didn’t look. Admittedly I should have known better than to trust a motorist to see me and stop. But on the bright side, it wasn’t really a dangerous situation. She wasn’t going fast and I wasn’t close to getting hurt. In the worst case, if she hadn’t stopped at all, I would have just sat down on her hood. Then she would have seen me.

In other news, I was informed today that now the Sunday visit to Anna’s family (that I mentioned last time) is cancelled, and I’m back to needing to plan for a 20-miler here in town. Which is fine I guess, because it solves some problems, while probably causing some others (not run-related, necessarily). But we’ll see how that goes.

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