Today is Thursday, March 18, 2010, and it is a good day for a run.

Ah, Thursday speedwork. You never make it easy for me. As if seven miles of intervals wasn’t tough enough, life had to conspire to make it even harder.

But to tell this story, we have to go back to last night. As I mentioned in my last post, my plan was to get up early and do my Thursday run in the morning before work. As such, I was hoping to get to bed a little early. Last night started out a little rough, with Henry giving us all we could handle and not wanting to cooperate with anything. When we finally had him put to bed, I needed to go to the store to get a few groceries. A few days prior, Anna had gone bought a chest freezer at the grocery store for $200, and it came with $200 in coupons for free groceries of various types. Most of them expire at the end of the month, so I took them all with me with the intention of redeeming them.

I left shortly after 8:00. As I hunted up and down the aisles for all the things that I had coupons for, it soon became apparent that I was not going to be leaving any time soon. By the time I had rounded up everything I could find, in addition to all my regular groceries, I had an overflowing cart and had been there two hours. Then I had to check out. Which meant that they had to match up each coupon with each item. It actually went quite well. I just had them tell me what coupon came next and dug out that item. They weren’t very busy at that time of night.

By the time I got home, it was after 10:00. I then had to unload everything from the car, and when I got it all inside, I discovered that Anna had already gone to bed. Which meant I got to put it all away, too. So when all was said and done, I didn’t get to bed early at all; in fact, probably later than I would have before. But I set the alarm for 6:00 nonetheless.

When the alarm went off, I thought a little about getting up. But it was so peaceful, and the kids were quiet, and I just had a feeling that nobody was going to wake up for a while. And I decided that I could get up, but that sleep is just as important a part of training as putting in miles, and I could squeeze in my run during work sometime. So I slept.

It seemed a little lazy at the time, but may have been the best decision I made all day. It did put me a little behind at work, but no big deal there. The morning went fine, but then, in the afternoon, when I was just considering going out for my run, chaos erupted. People were coming to me and telling me that nobody could access any files, and that computers were locking up across the company. Now, in a sense, this is not my problem. But when people come to you with a disaster, you do what you can to help solve it. So I spent the next hour or two working on that until it came out that everything was resolved. I was sure at first it was the network getting hammered with NCAA tournament watching, but it turned out that was not the case at all.

What was the case was that now it was almost three in the afternoon, I hadn’t had any lunch yet, and I still had seven miles of intervals I had to run. I knew I couldn’t run after eating, so I went and got changed and headed outside. The weather was really quite nice, but I could already feel the hole gnawing at my gut. The intervals were laid out as 1.5 warmup, one hard, half a mile recovery, another one hard, another half recovery, a third hard and then 1.5 easy cooldown. Let me tell you: it hurt. After the first I could already tell I was not nearly as hydrated or fueled as I should have been. But I gutted it out and got it done. By the time I got back to the office, and showered, it was after four. I knew that I was just going home and have dinner before long, so I mostly just skipped lunch and only had an apple and re-hydrated.

In better news, the Hawkeye wrestlers lead the NCAA tournament by a good margin and have more wrestlers still alive in the championship brackets than anyone else. That is one thing that helped me gut out today’s run, knowing that, like them, these are the kinds of things you have to do sometimes to break through the wall.

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