Today is Wednesday, March 17, 2010, and it is a good day for a run.

Yesterday was just an easy run day, two miles—a mile out, and a mile back, nothing much to report. The weather was nice, and except for the fact that I almost stopped an eighth of a mile too soon, because I was on auto-pilot mentally, and stopped for a second at the point where many of my courses finish (but not the one I was running at the time), it was a pretty by-the-book run.

You’ll have to excuse me for losing focus, since my mind is inevitably wandering to the two runs coming up this week: tomorrow, seven miles of intervals, and this weekend, eighteen. The seven miler by itself will be tough, but more so because I can’t realistically get in a run of that distance on a lunch break, so I’m probably going to have to get up early and do it in the morning before work. The getting up part will probably be worse than the actually running seven miles part. At least that’s how it is in my mind right now.

And then the big eighteen-miler this weekend. I say “this weekend” rather than “Sunday” because a proposal has been floated for me to switch to Saturday this week so that Sunday Anna can spend some time at her sister’s. In theory, I have no problem with this, but in practice, this weekend I’m running eighteen miles. If this were any old ten- or twelve- mile weekend when I wasn’t training for anything specifically, it would be no big deal. But this is going to be the latest in a series of runs that is going to (indeed, was designed to) push my limits. So adding extra wrinkles isn’t ideal. Speaking of things not being ideal, to add to the fun, the forecast for this weekend (after a couple weeks of temperatures in the fifties and even sixties, and the melting of all but the biggest piles of snow) is for temperatures in the thirties and snow and rain. Running in a warm-ish snow, where it falls but doesn’t stick, might not be bad. Running in a cold rain could be nightmarish.

In other, not-running-related news, I wrote a guest post for a friend’s parenting blog that was posted yesterday at http://www.mamasxinitiative.blogspot.com/, so go check that out. There’s a picture of Henry running his first-ever race there. And hello to anyone who found their way here via that post; thanks for stopping by.

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